L.A.C.E. (Love and Caring Endowment)

The L.A.C.E. Fund was developed in 1997 to help with scholarships for those wanting to further their education. We use the principal each year to give out the scholarships. If there is any money left over after granting the scholarships we then offer non-profits in the community an opportunity to apply for grant money.

Our current L.A.C.E. Committee is:  Cathi Webster (President), Caitlin Webster (Recording Secretary/treasurer)  Kristi Mueller, Brad Larsen,  and Jorn Loschenhokl.

Our scholarship applications for 2018 are currently in the approval stages.

This years recipients of a $1000.00 scholarship are:

Meagan Borgardt

Ashley Borgardt

Brittaney Bertermann

Julia Pedrosa

Jason Paonessa

Melanie Brabbit

LACE Scholarship Sunday is July 15 at 9:00 a.m. where we will award them their scholarships. We hope you will join us.


We are currently accepting Non profit grant applications. The deadline for those is October 5th at 5:30 p.m.  here is the link for the application:

Charitable contribution request rev.2018